2 years after the death of TB Joshua, check what is happening to his grave

2 years after the death of TB Joshua, check what is happening to his grave

A Nigerian religious leader named TB Joshua died at the age of 57 in June 2021. His funeral took place on July 9th in Lagos and was attended by people from different countries and religions.

TB Joshua’ s grave is a white marble mausoleum with a dome and cross on top, located at his church. It is decorated with flowers and candles and has a plaque with his name and dates of birth and death.

Inside the grave, there are personal items that belonged to TB Joshua, such as his Bible, microphone, and glasses. Security personnel and church members guard the grave to ensure visitors show respect. People can pray and pay their respects, but they are not allowed to take photos or videos.

TB Joshua’ s grave represents his influence and impact on his millions of followers worldwide. For his followers, it brings them comfort and hope, as they believe he continues to help them in the afterlife. As TB Joshua once said, ” Death is not the end; it is just a continuation of the story. “

The late TB Joshua, a prominent Nigerian pastor and televangelist, dedicated a significant portion of his life to humanitarian work. Although primarily known for his religious activities, he established numerous charitable initiatives that aimed to alleviate poverty, promote education, and provide assistance to marginalized communities.

One of the key aspects of TB Joshua’ s humanitarian work was his commitment to addressing the basic needs of individuals and communities in Nigeria and beyond. His organization, The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), set up various programs to provide food, shelter, and medical care to those in need. This included operating a feeding program that distributed meals to thousands of people every week.

Furthermore, TB Joshua made efforts to contribute to the educational needs of underprivileged children. The SCOAN established schools and scholarship programs that provided access to quality education for students who otherwise would have been unable to afford it. By investing in education, TB Joshua aimed to empower future generations and break the cycle of poverty.

In addition to addressing immediate needs, TB Joshua also engaged in disaster response and rehabilitation. When natural disasters struck, his organization mobilized resources to provide timely assistance, including shelter, clothing, and medical aid, to affected individuals and communities. His efforts were particularly visible when SCOAN provided relief during major disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

TB Joshua’ s humanitarian work extended beyond Nigeria, with outreach programs reaching many countries around the world. The SCOAN established partnerships with local organizations and government agencies to provide support in various forms, including medical missions, provision of infrastructure, and community development projects. These initiatives provided much- needed assistance and positively impacted the lives of countless individuals globally.

It is important to note that while TB Joshua’ s humanitarian work garnered praise and appreciation from many quarters, it also faced criticism and controversy. Nonetheless, his efforts in addressing poverty, education, and disaster relief have left a lasting impact on numerous lives and communities, creating a legacy that extends beyond his religious activities.

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