LGBTQ+ LAW: L3xbians Hit-Hard At Opposition With Video | WATCH

LGBTQ+ LAW: L3xbians Hit-Hard At Opposition With Video | WATCH

Milli’s Freaky Video | WATCH

The activities of LGBTQ+ have been banned in some countries.

Some countries in Africa recently have have made laws that prohibit the activities of LGBTQ+.

If caught, engaging in LGBTQ+ or promoting the activity you can be jailed.

This growing development has not gone down well with the association of LGBTQ+ and some human right activists, describing the development as discrimination and blocking of human right to some group of people called the ‘minor group’.

However, some ladies(L3xbians) are not happy and have hit harder at their opposition countries with a video.

The video shows stiffness to not backing down on their activities.

The contains adult content, hence you can watch it in the link below.



SOURCE: Filasconews.com

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