American Election: “It is with regret that I announce”…(SHOCKER)

American Election: “It is with regret that I announce”…(SHOCKER)

Bawumia announces first batch of his campaign team – Checkout the names

Anyone taking bets on when Joe Biden announces that he will not be running for re-election to the office of President of the United States? My money is on that it’ll be by, or very shortly after Labor Day. From a political standpoint he has to give the Democrat Party time to identify and anoint a new candidate, and then go through a sham primary season so that it looks like their selection is really the will of the people they represent.

When Biden makes his announcement he will say that “he needs to devote all his energies to defending himself and his good family name, along with his decades of honorable service, against all of the scurrilous Republican political attacks. He simply can’t give the business of the nation all the attention it deserves while being distracted by the effort to clear his and his family’s name, and ultimately he expects full vindication.”

If this happens, Biden will go down in history as only the second incumbent president in recent history to decline to run for re-election to the presidency, the other being Lyndon Baines Johnson. Johnson was embroiled in the Vietnam War and could see no way out of that debacle of his own making, so he chose to cut and run instead. But for all of his faults, as far as we know Johnson wasn’t guilty of lining his and his family’s pockets with payoffs and bribes for political favors.

As the evidence continues to mount against Joe Biden, even some of his party’s news media allies have begun to distance themselves from him, much like rats abandoning a sinking ship. They have begun to report on the Biden scandals, which they were under instructions not to do during the 2020 campaign, and at least in the first two years of Biden’s time in office. That to me is an indication that the Democrat-controlled new media has received permission from Barack Obama to cut Biden loose, let him sink on his own. Lest Biden take the whole Democrat Party down with him.


Unless Barack Obama was the stupidest president to ever hold office (?), there’s no way that during his eight years in office he did not become aware of Joe Biden’s and the Biden family’s corruption. It’s to be expected that the CIA, FBI, State Department, and others would have uncovered the corruption through the course of their work. Naturally anything of this nature would most certainly have been reported to Barack Obama.

Considering “No-Drama Obama’s” claims of running a scandal-free administration, outing Joe Biden for his corruption would have harmed Obama’s own reputation. My guess is this is why Obama initially tried to talk Biden out of running for president before Joe formally announced. Everyone surely remembers the recording of Obama privately telling Biden, “You don’t have to do this, Joe”.

Obama likely feared that Biden’s corruption would be revealed during any campaign, and this would result in Trump winning re-election. Something Obama could not allow. My guess is once Biden won the nomination Obama was forced to call in all his markers with the Democrat-controlled news media to help cover up Biden’s corruption. Obviously it worked, the media has been covering up for Biden ever since he became the nominee back in 2020. At least until recently.

Unfortunately for ole Joe, his chickens are coming home to roost. He put his faith in his son Hunter. Hunter, “the smartest person he knew” did some really stupid things (like phone texting threats to people, starring in his own pornography recorded on his laptop, dropping the laptop off to be repaired and then never picking it back up, claiming hookers and sex clubs as a business expense on his taxes, the list goes on and on and on), which will ultimately result in bringing an ignominious end to his dad, Joe Biden’s presidency.

Hopefully for all of our benefit and the benefit of our country, Biden can hang in there doing little more damage until his successor is inaugurated in 2025, and he isn’t forced to resign like Richard Nixon did before his term was completed. This would leave us with Kamala Harris, the absolute stupidest Vice President the country has ever had, and actually Barack Obama’s own personal choice. Which may well answer the above question about whether Barack Obama was the stupidest person to ever hold the office of President of the United States.

Today’s Newspapers Headlines: Friday, July 21, 2023

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