Divorced? Patapaa sets records straight

File photo: Patapaa and his wife

Divorced? Patapaa sets records straight

Tongues singer Patapaa has set the records straight on his status as a married man and certain turbulence that have plagued his marriage.

Known privately as Justice Amoah, the artiste confirmed in an interview on Hitz FM‘s Daybreak Hitz that he is separated from Liha Miller but they are still legally bound as couple.

He revealed that they have since been apart for a while, adding he has spent the last few months domiciled in the United States where he cooled his head off and focused on his career.

When asked if they are in talking terms or have totally parted ways, Patapaa replied that “we are still cool. I don’t have a problem with her.”

He went on to say that he had genuine affection for his German-Turkish wife, Lila, and they would have still been living together but for an interview she granted in which she spilled too much information on their marriage.

“I really like the girl because she is a bookler I am not used to book, I don’t like learning but since she came into my life, I have learnt certain things. At first, I used to talk anyhow and do unnecessary things, but she has polished me so now I know better to avoid saying certain things,” he admitted.

However, like any relationship tested by the trials of life, Patapaa said their love story faced its share of challenges, which he opined should have been settled beneath the sheet.

He hinted his wife was too fame-thirsty and was always eager to be in the news which negatively affected their marriage in the long run.

Despite being worlds apart currently, Patapaa still refers to Liha as his wife.

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