10 foods that increase heart attack, stroke risk

10 foods that increase heart attack, stroke risk

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10 foods that increase heart attack, stroke risk


Soda drinkers are more prone to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Baked goods

Cookies, cakes and muffins are linked to higher triglyceride levels, and that can lead to heart disease.


Grains that have been refined quickly turn into sugar, which your body stores as fat. Studies link type 2 diabetes and heart disease to belly obesity, which can result from a diet high in refined grains.


Take-out and frozen pizzas are incredibly high in sodium, fat, and calories, which increases your risk of having a heart attack.


Heavy drinking can cause weight gain, heart failure, high blood pressure, and strokes.


Butter has a lot of saturated fat, which can increase your bad cholesterol and increase your risk of developing heart disease.

Full-fat and flavored yoghurt

Yogurts with flavors often have a lot of added sugar, which has been linked to inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

French fries

Restaurant and fast food deep-fried potatoes are unhealthy for your heart since they are high in fat and salt.

Fried chicken

Deep-frying chicken adds calories, fat, and sodium to an otherwise healthy food. Fried foods increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure, all of which increase your risk of heart failure.


Saturated fat, sugar, and calorie content are all high in ice cream which can make you gain weight easily. Additionally, it can raise your triglycerides and cause a heart attack.

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