Wahala: Priest invokes curse on MTTD officer for collecting ¢200 from him over his Pragya

Wahala: Priest invokes curse on MTTD officer for collecting ¢200 from him over his Pragya

Tensions flared on the Kronom-Offinso highway in the Ashanti Region when a furious man directed a barrage of curses towards a motor traffic officer, accusing him of extorting GH¢200 from him.

According to a report by Otec FM, after uttering the curses, compassionate eyewitnesses offered the man water, imploring him to reconsider his words. However, the man, who identified himself as a fetish priest, insisted that water alone would not be sufficient to revoke the curse, emphasizing the need for Schnapp, a popular alcoholic beverage.

A video capturing the incident depicted the fetish priest, adorned in traditional smock, surrounded by a group of traffic wardens and a Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) officer. In the footage, he could be seen pouring libation in the middle of the road with a bottle of Schnapp, engaging in rituals aimed at reversing the curse.

The man revealed that he had recently purchased a brand-new tricycle and alleged that the officer coerced him into paying the aforementioned amount due to the tricycle lacking proper registration. He stressed that only through the involvement of Schnapp could the curse be effectively negated.

According to the report, the wardens, who acted as assistants to the MTTD officer, were responsible for negotiating and collecting the GH¢200 from the priest. The priest purportedly informed the officer that he had agreed to pay the sum since he had yet to register the tricycle. However, he cautioned the officer to ensure that the money was duly accounted for by the government. In his curse, he proclaimed that if the funds were misused, the gods would administer justice.

This incident captivated onlookers and created an extraordinary spectacle on the highway. The outcome of the situation, including whether the curse was ultimately lifted, remains unknown.

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