The new face of funerals in Ghana – Reactions

The new face of funerals in Ghana – Reactions

Hitting the nail right on the head, my beloved country Ghana is rich in tradition and culture but there’s a new trend emerging that is shifting the paradigm of how we perceive and conduct funerals.

Traditionally, funerals here in Ghana have been solemn events, characterized by mournful dirges, family members clad in black and an atmosphere of respect for the departed.

However, a new trend is gradually taking root, one that is as bizarre as it is fascinating. Some families are now opting to have their deceased loved ones posed in lifelike positions during their funerals. From sitting positions to standing, these bodies are made to mimic life, a far cry from the conventional lying in state.

This practice, while shocking to some, is carried out by professional morticians who use special techniques to pose the bodies.

Did you see the coffin of the Gob3 seller? Or the standing corpse of Popular TikToker Ahuofe 2pac? Or the rapper whose funeral was displayed in a nightclub?

Tiktoker Ahuofe

Well, this shift in funeral practices has sparked varied reactions, I’ve been seeing other videos of such lately on social media, with some embracing the change and others viewing it as a departure from the respect and solemnity that should characterize such events.

As this trend continues to grow, it raises questions about the future of funerals in Ghana and how we navigate the delicate balance between honouring our loved ones and respecting our cultural norms.

In the heart of these changes lies a deeper question about the nature of death and how we choose to confront it. For some, this new trend signifies a way to celebrate the life of the departed, by presenting them engaged in an activity they loved or in a manner that reflects their personality. It’s a way of remembering the person as they lived, not as they died.

The musician

On the other hand, critics argue that this practice can be seen as disrespectful and disturbing, straying from the traditional values of respect and dignity associated with funerals. They worry that this trend, if unchecked, could lead to a loss of the solemnity that traditionally accompanies these events.

Despite the controversy, it’s undeniable that this practice is gaining traction. It represents a shift in how we deal with death. Perhaps this trend is a reflection of our evolving attitudes towards death, a testament to our ability to find light even in the darkest of times.

However, as we navigate this new terrain, it’s important to remember the core values that have guided us for generations.

Respect for the departed, compassion for the bereaved, and a recognition of the solemnity of death. As we embrace new practices, let’s ensure they’re grounded in these timeless principles.

The Gob3 seller

The future of funerals in Ghana is unfolding, and it’s a journey we’re all a part of but above all, let’s honour the memory of our departed loved ones.

*Akosua Tilly is a writer and commentator on Ghanaian culture and society, exploring the nuances and shifts in traditions that shape the nation’s identity.

The new face of funerals in Ghana – Reactions

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