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Mahama hails NHIS sunshine policy

Mahama hails NHIS sunshine policy

Today’s Newspapers Headlines: Monday, July 10, 2023

Maxwell Mahama, National Health Insurance Manager, Jaman South, is hailing the scheme for he describes as, NHIS Sunshine Policy.

Read his full statement below:


NHIA is working again under the new policy called Sunshine policy.

This new policy by the NHIA is aimed at letting the public know how much NHIA is paying to its providers. This will ensure accountability in the management of claims payments and all arrears owed by the NHIA to its cherished providers.

Nhia is a social policy of the government, and we must, therefore, cherish it as a national asset and value same.

Again, Nhia is making all efforts to fight against any unauthorised payments requested by any of its credential facilities from Nhia subscribers or members.

Therefore, as part of its operations, Nhia has put in place in every district, regional, and national offices CO-PAYMENT committes chaired by all district managers, regional directors, and the chief executive officer, respectively.

The public must be aware that over 95% of all ailments or diseases and drugs are covered under the national health insurance policy, and, as such, payments for such services and drugs are forbidden conducts and illegal.

Please, all affected residents/citizens or the public must be bold to report such extortions by hospitals, clinics, chps compound, pharmacies etc to the nearest district, regional, and national offices of the Nhia.

Corrective measures and sanctions shall surely be applied to any institutions that is found culpable.

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