“AY3KA”: Catholic priest dies in hotel room while making love with girlfriend

“AY3KA”: Catholic priest dies in hotel room while making love with girlfriend

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Latest reports reaching us today have revealed that a Catholic Priest in charge of St Peters church Ruai has passed away after having a night of fun with his lover at a hotel in Murang’a. The priest who has been identifies as Joseph Kariuki, 43 was pronounced dead on Saturday morning while being rushed to hospital.

According to police reports, the two love birds booked into the Monalisa Hotel Delview in Gatanga on Friday evening. On Saturday morning he however started feeling unwell and the girlfriend called for help and was rushed to hospital. However, he died before he got to hospital while in his car.

The police have since collected the food remains that were in their room for analysis as investigations on his death continue. This incident has caused mixed reactions along Kenyans as they have questioned the thirty if catholic priests. It is known that they are not supposed to be in relationships but it seems behind the shades things are different. Below are some of the comments Kenyans gave on Facebook;

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