Bishop Dag is breeding Spiritual Nephilims and Anthopoids into Christendom

Bishop Dag is breeding Spiritual Nephilims and Anthopoids into Christendom

LCI members should be vigilant about theur fiunder’s systemic approach of greate deception and hypnotism: he uses tactical spiritual fatherhood, loyalty gospel, unconfirmed supernatural experiences, infallibility of his leadership, sacerdotalism, totalitarian leadership style, intimidation, membership manipulations and event organisation scemes! Thsee have been the ancient strategies of all the cult churches throughout church history.

How can you fire a pastor on grounds of failure to read your books, listening to your preaching etc.? He told his fired pastor, ‘you don’t understand the basic principles of our organisation! You are no more a pastor! You are a disgrace, what message are you listening to. He said it with an imposing intimidation! The Bible says we should warn people on several occasions. A minister can be fired based on three main issues: characteristic immorality, heresy and unfruitfulness, which Bishop Dag statement was significative of impulses, not biblical nor revelatory!

The fired pastor was intimidated by his founder’s imposing presence. Factually the said pastor was not just being scrutinized, he was standing before the Greate White Throne Judgement Seat of Lighthouse Church, whose Lord of lords was Bish. Dag.

His self-arrogating infallibility equates him as Lighthouse Pope, his books substitute the Scriptures, his preaching is the voice of the Holy Spirit and his loyalty books are the gospel for soul winning fir LCI. That is why his bookshelves are behind their pulpit and infront of their church buildings.

LCI Pastors will go to church on Sunday or any of their meetings without preparation and randomly pick up any book of Bish. Dag and preach from it_ as a speaker of the meeting.

Most of their members prefer to go to church with Bish. Dag’s book instead of the Bible. There must never be an exigete within the leadership and membership spectrum of Lighthouse Ch., who should independently interpret the Scriptures outside Bish. Dag’s self-trumpeting orthodoxical exegetical authority and orientation (that’s the subtility).

And that is cultism as well! He has further on deceived his followers that he was once listening to the late Kenneth Heggan’s preaching and eventually something mystically got out of the radio set and entered him and a voice told him that from then onward he can teach the Bible and he has since been teaching the Bible! That is how Bishop Dag-Heward Mills became a teacher of the Bible. His assertion is antithetical to ministerial standards!

He cannot write or preach series on Christ, Gospel, Scriptures, the Fear of God, Holy Spirit and righteousness. He has got Phd in the Gospel of Loyalty, which does nit save anybody, that is his field!

Lighthouse Chapel Leaders and Member should get closer to Bible and pray to God for spiritual illumination, else it will be too late when Christ tells them He does not know them.

REV. EMMANUE BOACHIE, Country Director Awsome Bible College and Headpastor Souls’ Pasture Church.
+233 (0) 240 37 59 59.

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