July: Good news as fuel price drop – Check

July: Good news as fuel price drop – Check

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced a fuel price drop for the month of July.


Petrol decreases by 24 and 17c per litre

Diesel increases by 12 and 18c per litre

Paraffin decreases by 4 and 5c per litre

LP Gas decreases by R2.96 per kg

Petrol prices will be decreasing by 17 to 24 cents per litre, while diesel will be going up by 12 to 18 cents per litre.

The changes will come into effect from Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

“The decrease to the price of petrol is naturally welcome news and will provide some relief to embattled consumers.

“The increase to diesel, though, means input costs in, amongst other sectors, the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are also likely to increase, which may result in higher prices for consumers.”

AA spokesperson Layton Beard reportedly said.

Here are nine ways to save on your fuel consumption:

Stick to the speed limits- Speeding is not only dangerous but also negatively affects your fuel consumption. By driving at 110 km/h instead of 120km/h, you can save on your petrol bill in the long run.

Don’t accelerate harshly – Harsh acceleration contributes to higher fuel consumption. Rather look at pulling away from robots or stop streets slowly and gradually.

Keep your eyes on the road- By keeping your eyes on the road, and keeping a safe following distance, you can travel at a more constant speed, and avoid harsh braking. By slowing down gradually for changing robots, or stationary traffic, it’s more economical for you and your car.

Make momentum work for you – Save some fuel by making your car’s momentum work for you. Build up speed before an uphill stretch, and when you crest a hill, take your foot off the accelerator pedal and use your car’s momentum to get you over.

Don’t use your aircon too much – We know South African summers can be brutal, and even though using an aircon is more fuel efficient than driving with your windows down, it still increases fuel consumption. By using your aircon more judiciously, you can save fuel when driving.

Don’t overload your car- This may seem obvious, but overloading your car makes the engine work harder, using more fuel in the process. Pack lightly, and remember to remove unused heavy items like bike racks, or roof racks from your car when not in use.

Try to reduce idling time- Wherever you can, try to not let your car idle for more than 30 seconds – rather switch it off. Also, try to avoid peak hour traffic where you can to save on your fuel consumption.

Avoid short trips – Trips of two kilometres or less use more fuel than longer trips even more so if your car’s engine is cold. Try not to make unnecessary trips to reduce your fuel bills.

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