10 ways to reduce your electricity bills

10 ways to reduce your electricity bills

Utility bills are on the rise. One must be cautious about the consumption of electricity in order to keep a check on the monthly bill. An increased use of electrical appliances, because of the warm and humid weather can translate to hefty bills, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Listed below are 10 tips and tricks that can help reduce your electricity bill.

Using energy-saving products

The best way to reduce electricity bills is to use energy-efficient products like LED bulbs, which use significantly less energy than normal incandescent bulbs, while providing the same or superior brightness. It is also a good idea to use appliances that have energy-saving features like inverters for your refrigerators or air conditioners.

Check your meter regularly

You should always keep track of your electric meter to see how many units you are using. Compare the reading with your monthly bill. It is not uncommon to have higher bills because of malfunctioning meters.

Make sure to turn off and unplug appliances

It should be standard practice to turn off and unplug appliances and devices when they are not being used. Many devices continue to consume power even when they are in standby mode or have been switched off, which is called a phantom load. That is why always make sure to unplug any devices from the socket once you have used or charged them completely.

Use a moderate temperature for AC

The soaring heat wave is making everyone use their ACs more than ever. However, that does not mean you will have to pay a heavy electricity bill because of your AC use. Just make sure to set the temperature to 26 degrees or above. Also, make sure to properly clean your AC and service it regularly to avoid any unintended spikes in your bill.

Make natural ventilation a priority

Make the best use of natural ventilation in your room by opening windows and doors fully to let in natural light and air during day time. This works well if your room is south facing. You can also use heavy curtains or plants to block sunlight and heat entering your room directly as doing so will make sure your indoor temperature remains low, thus reducing any need for constant cooling with fans or AC.

Insulate your home

Insulating your home, which is the process of using materials that act as barriers within the walls, ceilings, and floors of a home to reduce the overall temperature, can be a viable option for energy efficiency. Materials that can be used for insulation are fibreglass, cellulose, foam among other things. A properly insulated home can help to keep a comfortable temperature


Build efficient habits

It is one of the most basic things to do and unfortunately, it is what we miss the most like forgetting to turn off the lights and the fan while leaving a room. A change of behaviour is a must for an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Go for greeneries

There’s simply no alternative to greeneries to provide us with cool natural comfort, as we have seen from the recent heat waves. So, you should try to plant trees and maintain a small garden around your home; doing so will provide your house with shade, oxygen, and windbreak while lowering the temperature of the house. You also get to add a chic look to your house by adding aesthetically pleasing indoor plants and making a better environment all around.

Strictly maintain and service your appliances

Thoroughly maintaining your electrical appliances like refrigerators, TVs, and washing machine is a must if you want to cut down on your energy expenditure, as anything faulty will increase your bill. So, look out for servicing any old appliances, and if you can, buy updated energy-saving appliances as they will go a long way to giving you an energy-efficient service.

Use solar power

Solar power can be expensive and a bit complicated, but if you consider this as a long-term investment, it will go a long way to alleviating your electricity woes. As it is a clean and renewable source of energy, adapting to solar power-based consumption will reduce your dependency on electricity from the national grid. Solar panels can be installed on your balcony or roof to generate electricity and can be used on certain devices that can run on solar power.

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