Dixcove Methodist Basic School Teacher dies after slapping a pupil

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Dixcove Methodist Basic School Teacher dies after slapping a pupil

A teacher from Dixcove Methodist Basic School in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region of Ghana dies after allegedly slapping a pupil.

Available information has it that, the pupil involved in the Dixcove incident had been showing unruly behaviour during instructional hours which apparantly irritated the teacher.

According to reports, further measures were exhausted in attempts to restore order. The pupil persisted in causing disturbances, leading to an unfortunate reaction from the teacher.

In response to the ongoing disruption by the pupil, the facilitator resorted to slapping the student.

The student reportedly threatened to retaliate against the teacher.

The teacher was seen in good health when sudddenly he began to complain of feverishness.

His condition worsened. The teacher was promptly rushed to the hospital and was given the necessary treatment.. Despite the immediate medical attention given, he met his inevitable demise.

He died on Monday, May 29th 2023.

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