10 benefits of teaching in a public basic school in Ghana

10 benefits of teaching in a public basic school in Ghana

Teaching at the basic school level in Ghana gives teachers the unique opportunity to guide students on the verge of becoming adults. There are a lot of benefits associated with teaching in a public basic school in Ghana. They include;.

1. Income from Studies Fee

Teachers in most basic schools in Ghana receive an amount of money each day from their pupils known as ‘studies fees’. Pupils usually pay 50 pesewas each day. Teachers also receive an amount ranging from 20gh to 70gh each day. Not all schools and teachers enjoy this offer.

2. PTA motivation fees.

Even though it doesn’t really occur these days, some schools enjoy some monies from PTA(now PA). Parents organize themselves, contribute something to be given to teachers and the school for development

3. No additional duties such as supervising evening preps. Also there is nothing like a house master duties where teachers take care of border girls and boys.

4. Long vacation which helps you to do your business.

There some periods on the Academic Calendar that gives basic schools the opportunity to be on break for close to three months. Most teachers use this opportunity to do other businesses.

5. Extra classes and long vacation classes. Some teachers organize extra classes for students and earn something from it.

6. You only go to school when you have lesson. Even though, this is not approved by GES, some teachers do rest and only go to school when they have class. This is usually done by subject teachers at the basic school level.

7. You will get time to do your masters or Mphil..

8. Free lunch(not all schools enjoy this offer)

9. Professional Allowance

Teachers at the basic school level receive this allowance each year, usually in November.

10. Vacation Gifts

As compared to the senior high schools, teachers at the basic school level do receive gifts from their pupils at the end of every term. It’s very difficult to see a basic school teacher spend money to buy soap because that’s the number one gift they receive from their pupils.

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