Notorious armed robber gunned down by government forces at Mile 4

Notorious armed robber gunned down by government forces at Mile 4

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A young man from Okyong Mile 4 village Mamfe, South West region, whose name we got as Ndoh Divine Ekin AKA Adamawa was killed on Monday, May 29, 2023, by government forces.

Residents of Mile 2, Mamfe, had sent numerous complaints of attacks from the young man. The attacks forced them to flee from their homes.

According to some residents of the area, the man has been attacking them at night asking for support at gunpoint, while telling them he was a separatist fighter.

The Mayor of Mamfe, Robertson Tabenchong Ashu, who was at the scene early said ” We have been preaching every day for these persons to drop their arms. This is just one of them who keeps disturbing the peace of the population. Enough is enough. We will continue to bury them like this. I have already taken a decision I will not bury any of them again. The Family or village the person is coming from will be compelled to bury the corpse”.

The Mayor also stated that Ndoh Divine is an ex-convict who has served in prison for over 15 years and was the last surviving male child of his late father and mother.

He has been buried by the natives of Okyong Mile 4 who identified the corpse..

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