Trotro mate kneels, begs in moving car for Passenger’s love

Trotro mate kneels, begs in moving car for Passenger’s love

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Love knows no boundary and it is said that a man who is head over heels for a woman can go the extra mile to win the heart of his love.

This assertion is somewhat evident in a video that has surfaced on the internet which captures a bus conductor, popularly known as ‘trotro’ mate wooing a passenger.

The bus conductor, who couldn’t keep calm after seeing his “missing rib” moved from his seat to join the passenger who was in a blue t-shirt with a styled natural hair look to profess his love for her.

Despite the interruptions from another passenger, the ‘trotro’ mate ignored all to continue with his talks.

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He went ahead to kneel and beg the lady to accept his proposal as the other passenger who captured the video kept shouting to distract him and free the lady from the mate.

Here is what transpired between the lady who took the video and the trotro mate

Lady: “Mate, won’t you concentrate on your work to collect monies? How can someone working leave his job to woo a girl, Is that how you are?

Mate: “Madam why, why are you envious of me toasting a girl?

A photo of the bus conductor kneeling for the Passenger’s love

Lady: I’m not jealous. Concentrate on your work.

Mate: I’ll even kneel and beg her because of you. [Mate kneels to talk to the passenger he was wooing]

Lady: All of you, look at the mate. Ei God

Other passengers turned to witness the actions of the ‘trotro’ mate.

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