The 10 most dangerous highways in Ghana

The 10 most dangerous highways in Ghana

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There are several highways in Ghana which connect major towns and cities in the country. Some of these highways are very dangerous due to the number of road accidents and sometimes armed robbery cases on those stretches.

In today’s article, we will be looking at ten most dangerous highways in Ghana.

1. Accra-Kumasi Highway
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Accra-Kumasi Highway is the most used highway in Ghana. It is also the most dangerous highways in Ghana. Most major road accidents in Ghana usually occur on that stretch. The road is not really in bad shape, however, the level of speeding and careless driving by some drivers make such highway the most dangerous in Ghana. It is also the fastest route to travel in Ghana. The highway connects to major towns and cities in Ghana, especially Central and Eastern regions.

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2. Accra-Tema Highway
Another busy road in Ghana is the Accra-Tema Highway. Most factory vehicles and long vehicles use that stretch. There has been some major road accidents on that stretch. However, the road is in good state. The speeding by some drivers make this stretch a bit dangerous.

3. Kumasi-Paga Highway

This is a 610km highway in Ghana. It is known as the 3rd most dangerous highway in Ghana. Most drivers travelling to the northern part of Ghana use that stretch.

4. Winneba-Mankessim- Cape Coast Stretch
This highway has become a very dangerous stretch recently. The road is in a very good condition and due to this, some drivers see this as an opportunity to test the speed of their vehicles. This usually put the lives of other road users in danger.

5. Tamale-Yendi Highway
This is the fifth most dangerous highway in Ghana. It is a 100km stretch. The road is safe to use but it is not advisable to use that stretch at night as there has been some cases of robbery attacks on the way. The Ghana Police Service is however on the alert and sometimes escort vehicles that use that path at night.

6. Lawra-Navrongo
It is the sixth most dangerous highway in Ghana

7. Elubo-Hamile Highway
It is the seventh most dangerous highway in Ghana

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8. Adome-Ho Highway
This is another dangerous road in Ghana. It is number 8 on the list.

9. Elubo-Tema Highway
It is the 9th most dangerous highway in Ghana.

10. Accra-Bunso
This is the tenth most dangerous highway in Ghana

Number Route Length (km) Length (mi)
N1 Elubo – Tema 540 340
N2 Tema – Bakwu 640 400
N3 Kpong – Koforidua 40 25
N4 Accra – Bunso 110 68
N5 Adome – Ho 40 25
N6 Accra – Kumasi 250 160
N7 Sawla – Larabanga 140 87
N8 Yamoransa – Kumasi 170 110
N9 Tamale – Yendi 100 62
N10 Kumasi – Paga 610 380
N11 Bolgatanga – Bimpiela 100 62
N12 Elubo – Hamile 670 420
N13 Lawra – Navrongo 180 110
N14 Sakpeigu – Yawgu 120 75
N16 Tumu – Kapulima 20 12
N18 Wa – Heng 79 49

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