The End: How  this couple killed their two kids to grow their Church

The End: How  this couple killed their two kids to grow their Church

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For the past 24 hours, couples with alleged intellectual disabilities have dominated social media trends.

The couple, known as Queen Lupita and Godfada the Greatest, first rose to internet fame two days ago when they went half-naked on TikTok.

A video that has since gone viral shows the two happy couples dancing to their heart’s content as if they had won the lottery.

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In another video that also went viral on social media, the woman said they were simply sharing explicit content to build a TikTok account. Meanwhile, comments on the now viral video claim her husband is a former pastor.

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The couple reportedly lost reality and reason after losing their two children.

They now devote themselves to drinking, smoking and idolatry to comfort the tragic death of their two adorable children.

As seen in the soon-to-be-shared clip, the couple are clearly unwell and appear to be suffering from mental illness.

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As the video went viral, some netizens who seemed to know the couple offline also claimed that they used their children as sacrifices to the god they now worship to make them pagans. Queen Lupita herself once confessed during a TikTok live session that her husband mentally sacrificed his children to save the world, according to people who insist the couple used their children for rituals. Sometimes.

And that is the main reason for her shocking death.

Apparently, the two deceased children of Queen Lupita and Godfada the Greatest were named Lee Wah and Lee Sir.

Her first child, named Lee Wah, died first, followed by her second child, Lee Sa, according to sources.

They all died mysteriously. So the rumor that they used their children for rituals seems to be true to some extent. Stay tuned for details on this developing story.

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