Teshie police commander turns judge as he disregards court order

Teshie police commander turns judge as he disregards court order

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…Set Quasi Trial In His Office, Arrests & Detains Plaintiff Over Car

The Teshie Police Command has detained a Samuel Ansah for executing a High Court Order granting him access to take possession of any property belonging to a Defendant in a case of stolen 2018 Cherokee Jeep before the Court.

“I am now the Judge over this case since I am not satisfied with the decision of the judge,’’ ‘His Lordship’ Commander Nsiah ruled at the Teshie Police Station.

It is the case of a missing vehicle, which was first lodged at the Sakumono Police against Mrs. Esther Daniels, who was believed to be in possession of the vehicle before its eventual disappearance.

Subsequently Mrs Esther Daniels (Defendant)was arraigned but all efforts to arrest her proved futile until a bench warrant for arrest was issued by the Court.

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The warrant for her arrest also could not be executed until sureties of Mrs Esther Daniels were asked to produce her in Court.

Meanwhile, a Civil case was also pending against Esther Daniels for taking unlawful custody of Samuel Ansah’s 2018 Cherokee Cross-Country Ford vehicle.

The Court determining the Civil matter, reportedly granted a Decree for the Plaintiff to take possession of any Property found in the possession of Esther Daniels.

Meanwhile, it had emerged that Mrs Esther Daniels who admitted to having been in custody of the 2018 Cherokee Cross-Country Ford vehicle, has now denied knowing the whereabout of the Cherokee Cross-Country Ford vehicle which has been in her house ever since.

However, the Plaintiff in honouring the Decree by the Court seized and took possession of a Nissan Pathfinder cross country vehicle which Mrs. Esther Daniels drove to court. The vehicle was immediately towed from the court premises in the presence of the bailiff and the prosecutor and lawyer of Mrs Esther Daniels and a process for attachment was immediately filed on 11th April,2023 to the Civil case in the High Court as notice of property belonging to Mrs Esther Daniels for the Court attention.

The court, haven heard this advice for the case ordered to proceed to the ADR, and just after the Court granted her pardon on the basis of the case to continue at the ADR, Mrs Esther Daniels rather sought audience with an alleged Commission of Police at the Office of the IGP (name withheld) and report a case of her stolen car being the Nissan Pathfinder cross country vehicle to the Teshie Police.


The Plaintiff of the two cases, Samuel Ansah, was then invited to the Teshie police where he narrated the full incident and conduct of the abuse of the Court processes and presented all documents from the Court to show his position as to the two cases pending in court against Mrs Esther Daniels.

Police Commander Nsiah at Teshie Police Station, in strict disregard to the Orders of the Court ordered the Plaintiff, Samuel Ansah, to return the car or face his “wrath.”

Amidst intimidations and threats to return the seized Nissan Pathfinder of Mrs Esther Daniels, Police Commander Nsiah locked the Plaintiff up in Teshie Police Cells for no justifiable reasons, even though all evidence of the Court proceedings and processes were presented to him at the Teshie Police Station.

All efforts by relatives of Mr. Samuel Ansah to have him bail were denied.

This paper has gathered that even when a Judge of the High Court and a Senior Police Commander appeared at the Teshie Police Station to confirm the Court processes and Orders, Police Commander Nsiah of the Teshie Police Station disregarded their plea and kept Mr. Samuel Ansah in Police Cells, saying he is only acting on the orders of a Commissioner at the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Speaking in a telephone interview, Commander Nsiah was emphatic that he saw the Court processes and Orders by a Decree of the High Court Judge but he chose to ignore them.

Commander Nsiah, is also alleged to have ordered the cell leader to push Mr. Samuel Ansah into the toilet and lock him up as against his hypertensive medical conditions.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the Plaintiff; Nkrabeah And Associates, have petitioned the Inspector General of Police over the conduct of the Teshie Divisional Police Commander in this matter.

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