Here’s why Nurses wear green uniform in Ghana

Here’s why Nurses wear green uniform in Ghana

Here’s Why Nurses Wear Green Uniform In Ghana
Nurses and Midwives have the most beautiful uniform in Ghana. Sometimes the colour of their uniforms make people love the profession.

In today’s article, we will be looking at the reason why the uniform of nurses in Ghana is green. Before we get in to that, let’s look at the colours each health worker wears in Ghana.

1. District Director of Nursing Services wear white uniform with a waist belt.

2. Degree nurses ( nursing officer’s ) wear white uniform.

3. Diploma nurses wear the green uniform with a white collar.

4. Certificate nurses wear green uniform with a green collar.

5. Nurse practitioners wear multicolored attire of their choice.

6. Community health nurses wear the brown uniform.

7. Degree midwives wear white uniform.

8. Diploma midwives wear green uniform.

9. Senior nursing officer’s wear blue uniform.

10. Theatre nurses usually wear scrub.

11. Scrub nurses wear the scrub uniform.

12. Mental health nurses wear either the green or white uniform depending on their qualification.

Now back to the topic.

The green colour worn by nurses stands for life. They wear the green uniform as an indication of life and good health for patients. Doctors also wear the green uniform to assist them see better in the operating room because it is the
exact opposite of red on the Color wheel. Because of this, the green helps them become more sensitive to different shades of red.

Duties Of A Nurse In Ghana
Treat patients by administering various types of medications and therapies.

Administer medications, tracked dosages and documented patient conditions.
Monitor and recorded patient condition, vital signs, recovery progress and medication side effects.

Monitor patient vitals post-surgery, managed medical equipment and administered medications
Develop care plans complete with effective nursing measures to improve patients’ mental and physical health.

Immunize patients against influenza and pneumonia to protect vulnerable populations from serious illnesses.
Coordinate care with physicians and other clinical staff to prepare for treatment, carry out interventions and enhance continuum of care to deliver comprehensive services.

Answer patient questions and provided take-home materials for further information.

Assist with manual handling and transferring of patients in compliance with the hospital policy.
Maintain a safe and therapeutic patient care environment.

Advise on promotional of health and prevention of illness teaching patients and relatives where appropriate.
Undertake last offices for deceased patients and give relevant information to the relatives/caregivers.

Assist the ward manager/ Unit In-Charge in promoting the rights of patients/clients and maintaining the privacy and dignity of both patient/ clients and staff.

Perform other official duties assigned by the Ward Manager/ Unit In-Charge.
Participating in meetings, attending conferences and engaging in brainstorming sessions.

Respond to requests promptly to clean and sanitize areas after accidents.

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