Bring back BECE cut-off point in 2023 – Candidates are NOT serious

Bring back BECE cut-off point in 2023 – Candidates are NOT serious

2022 BECE candidates are NOT serious
2023 BECE candidates are no longer serious, bringing back the cut-off points.

This will make BECE 2023 candidates focus their commitment and ensure they learn, take their studies seriously, and get teachers challenged.

If we have an aggregate of 25 as the cut-off point, students will become more serious with their studies. As it stands now, candidates with an aggregate s between 35 and 48 also gain admission.

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The time to re-introduce the cut-off point is now! This is the call by the general public after the VIRAL POST titled 70% of 2021 BECE students want their scripts remarked – Report

Since the BECE has no clear-cut cut-off point as it used to, the seriousness of candidates has fallen. Candidates know that they do not have to put in too much effort to make it to secondary school. Since 2017, the government through the GES and the Ministry of Education abolished the cut-off aggregate system for admitting students into Free SHS.

BECE is no more competitive, and we all know it. It has lost a great deal of its importance because a poor performance can land a bad student in big schools like Achimota, Presec, and Aburi Girls. In the past, this was highly impossible.

Many BECE candidates are not putting in their best because they will gain admission anyway into the SHS. The commitment level and the needed academic competition that used to be present in many Junior High School classes prior to 2017 have fallen. Students are not challenged to work hard. Why struggle to make grades when just a little effort could land you admission into SHS they ask?

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A reader reacting to the VIRAL POST titled 70% of 2021 BECE students want their scripts remarked – Report has this to say.

” There should be cut-off points for kids to become serious….”

The majority of candidates who sat for the 2022 edition of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for Schools after the West African Exams Council (WAEC) released the results say they want their scripts remarked. They hold the view that they should have performed better than the results released.

A student who completed Wenchi-based Great Provider school identified as Osei Wusu Rexford in our comment section said “I want WAEC to go through my script again because I’m sure they didn’t mark my script well.”

Another 2022 BECE graduate from Special Light International School on his part said “I am highly not satisfied with my BECE for School results. WAEC please go through my scripts and kindly remark.”

From the above, the students believe they performed very well in the examination, but their results did not reflect that hence they are calling for remarking.

BECE candidates are no longer serious, bring back the cut-off points because, the reintroduction of the cut-off point will be wake-up call for the next crop of BECE candidates, teachers, and schools.

The removal of the cut-off point has affected all schools more importantly private schools. The keen competition among private schools which perform well at the BECE has dwindled. Again, the systems put in place by the GES to give admission to BECE graduates from public schools ahead of their counterparts in private schools means more students in public schools will relax their efforts towards good performance.

The BECE is no more competitive because of all the above, and it has led to the current reality that results don’t matter any more. Today at the BECE, even those who fail to gain admissions due to bad performance go through self-placement to find their way there. BECE candidates are no longer serious, and until some form of visible cut-off points is reintroduced, we must not expect the best from these students.

Free SHS needs to have a cut-off point to ensure, the government invests in the education of those who are serious with their academics.

Improve on free SHS implementation, and seek efficiency and quality before students enter SHS. Let’s spend on those who pass and not everyone, let the competition come, and bring back the cut-off point. BECE is no more competitive and we cannot deny the truth.

BECE candidates are no longer serious, we must bring back the cut-off points…

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