Reason why you shouldn’t store your toothbrush in bathroom

Reason why you shouldn’t store your toothbrush in bathroom

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If you’re keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom that might not be the best idea, as it could be a one-way ticket to getting the bristles coated in all sorts of things you wouldn’t want in your mouth.

Giving your teeth a good old scrub-a-dub-dub twice a day is a pretty useful way to try and avoid them rotting away, and it’s cheaper than having them done which can sometimes work out badly anyway.

The problem is that since you (probably) use your toothbrush in the bathroom that’s also the easiest place to keep it.

Just like we tend to keep food and cutlery in the kitchen because that’s the room we use it in most – as you don’t stick the TV remote in the fridge.

Unless you do actually do that, in which case you should probably be reported to the police or something.

No, don’t put them all together! Think of the hygienic implications!

Credit: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Credit: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Anyhow, keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom is apparently a singularly bad idea and there’s a really good reason for that – it’s because there’s probably a toilet in there.

As much as you might pride yourself on keeping things clean in there whenever you flush the loo, it causes something called a ‘faecal fountain’ which showers the surrounding area in particles of whatever’s been in the bowl, and that includes your poop.

The surrounding room is showered by the ‘faecal fountain’ and tiny droplets of poo, wee and whatever else has been deposited into your toilet are sprayed all over the place.

That means those little droplets of human waste are going on your toothbrush, which you will then stick into the biggest hole in your head and swish around inside to make sure it gets everywhere.

Expert advice in this situation is to first off put your toilet seat down to stop the invisible fountain of faeces from spraying everywhere, and also to keep your toothbrush somewhere else.

When you flush the loo that releases a ‘faecal fountain’ that can spray poo all over your toothbrush, so maybe keep it somewhere else.

Credit: L A Heusinkveld / Alamy Stock Photo

Credit: L A Heusinkveld / Alamy Stock Photo

Apparently the bedroom is a good spot for it, because little bits of human uncleanliness which you would be reluctant to brush onto your teeth twice a day are never found in the bedroom.

Other tips to keep your toothbrush clean include keeping it separate from other people’s toothbrushes and putting some sort of lid over the head to prevent the nasty stuff from getting there.

Some experts have suggested that households should share the same toothbrush, just as long as it’s an electric one and each person has their own head which they stick on the gadget when it’s their turn.

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