“My 13 children, Water carry dem go” – Sad story

“My 13 children, Water carry dem go” – Sad story

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Wetin we call dis Video, DR Congo floods: ‘My 13 pikin, water carry dem go’
‘Water carry my 13 children go’

11 May 2023

“I feel ogbonge sadness cos my whole family don go”.

Dis na wetin Tulinabo Lumumba tok, as e describe how im take lose all im 13 pikin dem.

With tired face, im bin just lie down for raffia mat, wia e tell BBC say, “water carry my 13 pikin dem go. Me and my wife dey very sad”.

Even as dem dey mourn di loss of dia family, hunger don become anoda big problem wey dey look dem for face.

“We no get anytin to chop. Water don carry di crops and cassava waka”.

With tired eyes, oga Lumumba tok say, “as God don carry my pikin dem, wetin I want na make pesin build house for me as I don taya”.

Tumani Byamungu na pesin wey lose her pikin dem for inside dis flood. She describe di moment wey water carry am and her pikin dem go .

“I bin come from market dey chill with my pikin dem and I dey breastfeed one of dem. E bin dey rain.

“All of a sudden, one wall fall yakata for ground, anoda one fall as we dey inside. Water carry all of us enta river. Na how I no fit find my pikin”.

Tori be say thousands of oda pipo still dey missing as di ogbonge rainfall wey fall make rivers overflow.

As at now, FĂ©lix Tshisekedi still dey expected to go di areas wey dey affected.

More dan 400 pipo don die almost a week afta floods and landslides hit di eastern region of di Democratic Republic of Congo.

Local community leaders say dem still dey find thousands of missing pipo as rescue efforts dey continue.

Dis na as tori comot say for di recovery efforts dem find two pikin dem wey dey float on top water wey manage make am out alive.

For plenti villages wey near di shore of Lake Kivu, pipo don dey dig for poto-poto wit dia hands as dem dey find missing family members.

Di whole kasala happun for di villages of Bushushu and Nyamukubi for South Kivu province.

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