Eat more beans. Please – Check why

Eat more beans. Please – Check why

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What kind of protein we eat has huge implications for our health — and well beyond.

Eat more beans. Please.
Beans are high in protein, efficient to grow, and can even improve soil health. They cost less than conventional or new plant-based meats, and they’re increasingly getting attention among foodies. , three-quarters of soy globally is fed to livestock animals, with only 7 percent of soy going directly to human consumption in the form of tofu, edamame, and as a filler ingredient in processed foods.

(All this said, soybeans are legumes, but they are not pulses like beans, lentils, and peas because soybeans are oilseeds and have a much higher fat content.)

That most of our soy is fed to animals instead of humans creates “ opportunity food loss ,” which means if you give a cow some soybeans most of the protein, up to 96 percent, is lost before it gets to people’s forks. The cow metabolizes, ahem, poops out most of the protein. Thought of in terms of land use, for the amount of land used to get

four grams of beef protein, you could get 100 grams of plant protein instead . On a global scale, that’s a lot of land and protein we are losing from not just eating plants from the get-go. And as the world’s population is set to increase, it seems pretty unwise to be so wasteful, or to further drive a wedge in who has access to food security.

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