Salary of Ghana Police Officers out – Check here

Salary of Ghana Police Officers out – Check here

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Salary Of Police Officers In Ghana 2023
Who is a Police officer and how much does a Police officer earn per month? Let’s dive into the main topic and discuss the salary of Police Officers in Ghana 2023.

Salary Of Police Officers In Ghana 2023

What is the salary of a police officer? This is the typical amount of money earned each month, taking into account housing, transportation, and other benefits.

The salaries of police officers can vary greatly depending on factors such as experience, skills, gender, or location. You will find below a comprehensive analysis that takes into account a wide variety of factors.

A person who works as a Police Officer in Ghana will typically earn a monthly salary of approximately 2,860 GHS. The lowest starting salary is 1,320 GHS, while the highest possible salary is 4,550 GHS (highest).

While a newly recruited WASSCE result holder is given the rank of Constable and a monthly salary of GhC700, the WASSCE is required in order to be eligible for employment.

Officers are eligible for allowances and bonuses under the Single Spine Salary Structure, which are not only dependent on their rank but also on the number of years they have served and their overall performance.

Students who have recently completed the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) are eligible for a GhC700 monthly salary, whereas newly hired university graduates earn up to GhC1,400 per month (Ghanaian Cedi) as part of this scheme.

The higher your rank within the Ghana Police Service, the higher your salary will be. To ensure that Officers are paid more than they previously were, it was put into place.

Police Officer Salary Experience
With less than two (2) years of experience, one might make about GhC1,490 a month. Officers with between two and five years of experience make about GhC1,990 per month. The salary is approximately GH2,950 for officers with ten to twelve years of experience.

How much does Ghana Police pay WASSCE recruit?
Salary Structure for the Ghana Police Service. A newly hired university graduate who is in the rank of Chief Inspector of Police under the new program is eligible to receive a salary of GhC1,400 per month. A newly hired WASSCE result holder, however, is given the rank of Constable and is paid GhC700 per month.

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