12yr-old was paddling canoe that drown 9 at Weija-Gbawe – MCE discloses

12yr-old was paddling canoe that drown 9 at Weija-Gbawe – MCE discloses

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The Chief Executive for the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, Patrick K.B. Kumor has disclosed that a minor was in charge of the canoe that capsized and drowned nine children at Faana.

He disclosed that the man in charge of the canoe was unwell and unavailable to ferry the children across the water body and a 12-year-old boy took his stead and overloaded the canoe with other minors resulting in the unfortunate accident.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, the MCE for Weija-Gbawe indicated that his office picked up the information about the minor being in charge of the canoe at the time of the unfortunate incident.

“The information we picked is that the boat was overloaded with minors and the person who was paddling it was a twelve year-old-boy who had no experience and was the one controlling the canoe at the time of the incident. The person who often does that was ill and was not available at the moment to assist them.”

He added that the section where the accident happened is the estuary where the Densu River enters the sea and the current was high in the evening and the 12-year-old not having the experience to control the boat resulted in the accident.

Mr. Kumor further intimated that a team will visit the bereaved families on Friday, May 12 after which a committee will be set up to find a lasting solution to such accidents in the area.

“On Friday, a team from the NADMO head office, the regional minister, the two assemblies, and some opinions leaders will be visiting the families, then after, a committee will be put in place to ascertain the lasting solution that needs to be provided for that area and I believe that whatever will be agreed on will be something that will be beneficial to the people of that community.”

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