95% of the population cannot find the word “EAT” in this picture

95% of the population cannot find the word “EAT” in this picture

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A new puzzle has become TikTok famous, namely because of how difficult it is.

The popular app has had a surge in optical illusions and puzzles in recent months, backed by thousands of views.

The latest image taking the platform by storm challenges people to locate the words ‘tea’ and ‘eat’.

While it may sound seemingly easy, it turns out no one can actually find the word ‘eat’.

“I looked horizontally vertically diagonally reverse horizontally reverse vertically letter by letter no eat,” one person commented, while another joked: “I mean there is ate which eat in past tense so technically that is eat”.

A third person added: “POV: you looked in the comments for answers.”

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For those still struggling, ‘tea’ is much easier to locate. Simply draw your eyes to the third letter down in the first column and you’ll find ‘tea’.

‘Eat’, on the other hand, is much more challenging and has led people to believe it isn’t there. But, it is.

Go to the fourth row down and you’ll find ‘E’ in the final column. Look diagonally upwards on the left and you’ll find the word.

It comes after TikTokers found themselves frustrated when they couldn’t find the hidden fourth object in this image.

The bizarre photo shows an illustration of Ronald McDonald on a stretcher being treated by paramedics.

“I’m sure you can’t find the 4th object,” the poster wrote as the caption.

French fries took days to find 😤#greenscreensticker

The four objects in question are a comb, a straw, a knife and some french fries.

One person wrote: “yeah i could not find the French fries but I found a Bird and dynamite…”

Another added: “Bro I saw a bird and dynamite.”

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