Fact Check: Pragya is dead?

Fact Check: Pragya is dead?

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Without any doubt, one of the most famous foreign actresses in Ghana is Srithi Jha, popularly known as Pragya, from the award-winning Indian drama series Kumkum Bhagya, alongside her fellow actor Shabir Ahluwai (Abhi), which became the favorite in every Ghanaian household due to its intriguing story line and the fact that it’s been dubbed into the Twi language and aired by one of the most watched television channels in Ghana, Adom Tv.

As trending right now, especially on Twitter and YouTube, 37-year-old Indian actress Sriti Jha (Pragya) has allegedly passed away due to a recent accident she had. Is Sriti Jha really dead, as these YouTubers are claiming?

Fact check: Sriti Jha isn’t dead, as these numerous YouTube channels and blogs are falsely claiming. No close source has confirmed any of their death claims against the Indian actress, Sriti Jha and even her social media handles haven’t made any shifts that might give any clue.

Sriti Jha is still alive and would like netizens to debunk these false claims trending on social media right now.

Not Sriti Jha alone; almost every famous person is being allegedly accused of passing on, though there have been numerous cases where celebrities faked their deaths.

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