Rev Minister condemns TUC Secretary on the importance of Church in National Development

Rev Minister condemns TUC Secretary on the importance of Church in National Development

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Responding to Dr. Anthony Yaw Baah’s May Day assertion, ‘hospital is more essential than church’; Rev. Emmanuel Boachie has set the records straight that TUC Secretary should be well informed on social matters pertaining to national governance.

The Rev. Minister refered to a recent research that proves that church-goers live longer and healthier than the unchurched, who obviously frequent hospitals. He still reiterated that
Dr. Anthony Yaw Baah, (General Secretary for Trade Union Congress_ Ghana) assertions on social non-essentialities of church holds no water. The pastor further on reemphasised the church’s indespensabilities to national stability.

His evidence was that
people run to the church for life support, peace settlement, social gatherings, refuge during disaster, etc. people rely on the church than any building or organisation in Ghana. Notwithstanding, no government, a body or any individual can dictate to anyone what must be considered universal essentiality in life.

Social essentials are connected to individual’s exclusive values. That is what people should understand!

Dr. Anthony Baa is coward, else he would have also refered to national Mosque built by Turkish government in Ghana. Ghanaian leaders hastily scorn at Christianity with little or no provocation. This is anti-chchurch. As hospital is eessential to him (TUC Sec.) so is church to some of us.

As TUC Secretary, he was expected to present new ideas and strategies to reconvert old trade-fare centers and companies into modern hightech companies in Ghana. He was only scratching his itching mouth. He spoke like a serial-caller or sychofant.

Unequivocally, it is the church that produces hospitals and not the reverse! It’s only the mayfly that will turn church facility into a hospital.

Rev. Emmanuel Boachie,
Country Director Awsome Bible College and Headpastor_ Souls’ Pasture Church.
+233 (0) 240 37 59 59.



Story filed by: Rev. Emmanuel Boachie


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