Young Teacher Drowns In Lake Volta

Young Teacher Drowns In Lake Volta

News setting in is that, a young teacher from Krachi West has reportedly drowned in the Oti Volta lake. This sad incident happened when the young teacher was returning to the house after a hectic day in school. According to some sources, this young teacher is a national service personnel teaching or serving on an Island called Agamkope. The only route that can convey both teachers and students to and fro the school is the Oti Volta Lake.

His lifeless body has been found and preparations are been made for his family to come for his body.

Bayuo Kelvin revealed in a comment session that the deceased recently completed his degree programme a year ago.

“He completed his B.ED. program exactly a year ago on 29th April 2022 and I don’t believe he had upgrading yet. He should be upgraded posthumously. The police, military, etc. that get promoted posthumously aren’t human than this brother.”

Deceased young teacher

This sad news has gotten a lot of Ghanaians to react massively. One Xorlali Mattson eulogized this young teacher with a poem.

“Mum I’ve been posted to the countryside, he said,

To go there and do what I love to do best;

To teach and bring my expertise to bear;

To touch souls and put at bay their despairs;

And propel the upcoming ones to overcome their fears,

So they may fly even without winds to greater heights.

But sadly this is how he falls asleep in death;

All drenched and alone in the cold.

For how long shall such stories be told:

That the only accessible route is by boat;

That your survival depends on whether the tides go high or low;

Can’t all teachers just be bold

And demand this from all who woo their votes

That all schools in the remote must have teachers’ bungalows!!;

Young Teacher Drowns In Lake Volta

Today is May Day

But our brethren’s mum only wails

She can’t now be consoled

For her son had left the realm, she was told

Who knows, he might have been her only hope.

Young Teacher Drowns In Lake Volta

But no amount of tears can reverse the ways of the ghost

May you find your name in the Teacher’s register that exist in the hereafter

Where we are told “the reward of teachers only exist”.

My little tribute to a Comrade

Whose passing has left in hearts scars that may never erase.”

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