Alhaji Ali Suraj gives intellectual response to Subin MP on tribal political comments

Alhaji Ali Suraj gives intellectual response to Subin MP on tribal political comments

The former United States of America(USA) organizer of the new patriotic party and now at the office of the vice president, Alhaji Ali Suraj has said that, the member of parliament for Subin constituency, Hon Eugene Boakye is tired of Ghanaian politics else will never came out with tribal and religious political comments against northerners and Muslims.

Speaking on Oyerepa TV morning show dubbed Oyerepa Breakfast Time, Friday April 28,2023,Hon Eugene Boakye Antwi argued that, the npp has always won power through the votes of Akan and Christians dominated areas not of Muslim and northerners but some Muslim brothers in Zongo communities in Kumasi have described his comments as alien in Ghanaian political environment.

He said, Hon Eugene Boakye Antwi who is MP in Akan dominated area after taken over from Hon Isaac Osei in 2016 his percentage in election results continues to decline from 77.82% to 72.05% while the votes of NDC candidate continues to increase over 12% percent.

Responding to Dr Mahamudu Bawumia factor in NPP as Muslim brother and northern, he said the party which has only four seats in the northern region in 2012 was able gained thirteen (13) more seats in 2016, shows how Dr Bawumia factors in the party has contributed to the success of the party.

He said, the new patriotic party was formed by committed members from various tribes in the country coming from the northern part of the country down to the southern part who believes in the one who can deliver not basically on religious and tribal background.

Speaking at the press conference, Alhaji Ali Suraj called on the member of parliament to come out and apologize to the good people of Zongo communities and Muslim brothers and sisters to redeem his image as MP or retired from Ghanaian politics forever.


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