Meaning of MR, MRS, RSVP, SMS, SIM, and other acronyms you may not known

Meaning of MR, MRS, RSVP, SMS, SIM, and other acronyms you may not known

What Do Acronyms Like “MR,” “MRS,” “RVSP,” “AM,” and “PM” Mean in the News Hub? Jul 16, 2022, 3:34 PM. The purpose of an acronym is to make a lengthier term or expression more memorable by shortening it. Many people can use acronyms well, but most of them can’t convey the whole meaning of the acronyms they use.

When you pick up the phone at the workplace, you might, for instance, hear, “Call for me Mr. Smith.”In this paper, I will explain the meaning of numerous frequently used acronyms and slang terms.

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1. A.M & P.M

They are essential when talking about or writing down time. For instance, I went into town about 4:00 p.m. Both “afternoon” and “before noon” are shortened forms of the Latin phrase “post meridiem,” or “afternoon.”

2. E.g


The letters “e.g.” stand for “Example Given.”

It is customary to state a broad characterization, such as “or,” as the first item in a list of illustrations. To give you an idea, I’ve read a lot of novels. Examples include a book on physics, one on English, and another on mathematics.

3. Etc

The Latin term et cetera, meaning “and others,” is used to signify the phrase “and others of the same type.” After several examples have been provided, ETC is used in a few places.

4. R.S.V.P

As an exact literal translation, “please react” is what “responses s’il vous plait” means in French. It serves a useful purpose and is so typically appended to invitation letters.

5. SMS

The full meaning of the acronym SMS is “short messaging service,” however most people just use the abbreviation.

6. PIN

The abbreviation PIN stands for “Personal Identification Number,” which is also the full definition of the term.

7. MR & MRS

These additions to formal names like “Mr. Smith” serve primarily to indicate the gender of the person being addressed.

The acronym “MRS” means “Mature, Responsible, and Submissive,” whereas “MR” means “Mature, Responsible.

8. SIM card

The official definition of SIM is “Subscriber Identity Module,” but the acronym “SIM” is more common.

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