Ghanaian man raises alarm at Heathrow Airport with peculiar dressing

The man wore several layers of shirts to the airport

Ghanaian man raises alarm at Heathrow Airport with peculiar dressing

A Ghanaian passenger had to be taken to an enclosed part of the United Kingdom’s biggest airport located in London for a search to be conducted after his dressing raised alarm.

Some officials at the Heathrow Airport had cause for concern after the unidentified man appeared for his luggage to be weighed, wearing several layers of clothes on the upper part of his body.

The said man who was captured in a video making rounds on social media was directed by officials at the airport to move with them for the search after his attire raised some concerns and suspicion.

The suspicions were also backed by beeps recorded when the metal detector was passed around him during a search at the airport.

Wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, the man added 3 extra shirts and wore a jacket in addition.

When asked by one of the officials why he was wearing so many clothes, his response as captured in the video was;

“The weather, it’s very cold,” he said.

Following this, the officer said,

“Sir, you are going to have to go for a shirt in private, you have too many clothes on, we are going to have to give you a quick check.”

After taking off all the clothes leaving the last one on, the officials, after a final search found out it was merely the buttons on the fourth shirt that was offsetting the beeping sound from the shirt of the said gentleman who said he was from Ghana.

He was then escorted out nicely by the official and given back his clothes.

The official however in a short interview after the incident indicated that although the gentleman said he had on the extra layers of clothes because of the weather, some passengers choose to wear these clothes to avoid paying extra for the weight that comes with adding them to their luggage.

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