7 countries that Russia considers as their enemies – Check the list

7 countries that Russia considers as their enemies – Check the list

Since the second world war Russian has always been seen as an enemy of the the world peace and many countries in the West have not been relating very well with them. Russia was part of the Soviet Union and their actions did not please many which explains why they don’t get a lot of support from other countries.

In 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine after receiving a distress call from some two states that complained of being harassed by Ukraine. The invasion which Russian said was disarmament mission has caused a lot of damages in Ukraine including the death of innocent people.

This has further led to Western countries hating Russian more.

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On Sunday Russia through its embassy to Kenya released some seven names of countries they consider aggressors. The list contained names like Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. The message was sent inform of a cartoon with Russia stepping on the others a sign that they were the most powerful. Russian then indicated China as their closes ally.

The United States and the United Kingdom are the other countries that Russian has declared war on in case they interfere with their mission in Ukraine. These two have been leading in supporting Ukraine by supplying arms and this has not pleased Russia.

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