Why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly – Survey

Why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly – Survey

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Teachers reveal the facts Best Brain August 2022 Mock Questions for October 2022 Candidates

Why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly: Teachers reveal the real issues.
Teachers are doing their best, but the challenges militating against their performance are many.

Students watch too much TV and chase money instead of books and knowledge.
The 2023 BECE is about t3 months away and starts on 7th August 2023. Teachers have revealed why some 2023 BECE candidates will fail the examination due to other factors and not that teachers are not doing their job. This revelation was made after the Ghana Education News published the findings and analysis of a survey in a publication titled “Teachers contribute to BECE students’ failure but don’t want to be blamed (Interesting Survey)”

Every school has a lazy teacher, but hard-working teachers dominate every school. Students and parents need to do their job as well to help get the results they desire.

Teachers disagreed with the findings, and many who read just the caption of the post or the full report went ahead to vent their frustration and disagreement.

There were educators who agreed with the results of the survey and called for all stakeholders to carry out their roles well for the desired result to be achieved.

According to Stephen Nana Asiedu Brown, “Everybody has a role to play. The role of the government, the learner, the teacher, parents-and the stakeholders. Poor government interventions and policies are also some of the factors leading to the abysmal performance of students today.”

Why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly: Teachers Reveal the Facts

Some teachers while commenting on the publication identified behaviours and conducts of students that they believe will play a major role in the final results of the candidates after the examination.

#1. Candidates hardly sit down to study after school

They argued that candidates do not have time for their books and many of these candidates end up spending valuable time on Television instead of studying at home.

“It can’t be only the Teachers’ responsibility, but parents/guardians as well. Many candidates after school hardly sit down and study for the exams. They prefer to watch Television than study, and it can only take parents/guardians to prevent such. The teachers’ work ends when the classroom lessons/works are over… The rest depends on the students and parents/guardians.

#2. Lack of seriousness

Others were of the view that some of the candidates are just not serious. This can be attributed to the absence of understanding of the implications of failing the examination or the fact that nearly everyone who writes the examination will gain admission to a school under the Free SHS policy. The competition which existed in the past is no longer present today.

“The students are not serious at all. Most of them are just not ready to study, despite teachers’ unflinching efforts.”

“I certainly know that the majority of the teachers do their work very well. The secret is that students nowadays are too lazy to read on their own. Teachers may not even teach you everything before you pass. Kids these days hate learning. Those days when the time is getting closer to the final exam, you could see the agility in the students” Another education stated while reacting to the result of the survey.

#3. Truancy and absenteeism among final-year students

It came to light that students stop being regular at school after they have been registered for the BECE and that affects their preparation, readiness, and final results and performance. Most candidates have their concentration fixed on prolific issues, and so they feel big to learn. Most candidates also stop attending school when they realize that registration is over. These are some of the possible issues that will be leading to the failure of 2023 BECE candidates. Mr. Alhassan Seidu posited in his comment on the publication.

A student who left a comment on the post revealed that colleagues do not come to school. It’s not any teacher’s fault, in my class the majority of my mates won’t come to school but rather roam about aimlessly.

This is one of the many reasons why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly according to teachers.

#5. They also identified the excess watching of television as a key determinant of failure.

“Yes I do agree 100%, all the blame should go to all the television stations in Ghana and parents as well. When their wards are back home from school instead of assisting them and making sure they study at home, no but rather tell them to change TV station from station to watch Telenovelas. Many a time I asked my students questions if Indians and Mexicans also watch Akrobetu, Lewin, Kwaku menu, and others in their countries”

#6. Candidates are more interested in risky fun which takes them away from their books. Others chase after money and not their books.

“Come to my locality and see some of the final year students riding tricycles (Pragyia), during the vacation, almost 90% of my students never attended the vacation classes, they are all doing extra business of which their parents are aware, so now if they fail, whose is to be blamed?” A teacher disclosed that he opted to organize vacation classes for my students. Out of a class of 51, only 8 came for about two days, so he had to call it off.

This is the final reason given by teachers to explain why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly according to teachers.

This publication “Why 2023 BECE candidates will perform poorly according to teachers. “ adds to the ongoing debate and provides a clearer view of the other factors militating against the academic work of students. It is clear that lack of parental support, modern entertainment, the quest for money at an early age, lack of learning materials at home and in school, and lack of parental control at home all make the effort of the teacher less effective.

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