What you should never do while having sêx

What you should never do while having sêx

Having sèx is an exciting and intimate experience and one that can bring a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to those involved. While it’s pleasurable, there are certain activities that should never be done during sèx. According to mayoclinic, This article will discuss those activities in detail and provide guidance for couples who may want to experiment in order to increase their pleasure during sèx, while still keeping everyone safe.

No matter how pleasurable a couple might find it, one should never engage in dangerous activities while having sèx. This includes activities such as biting, scratching, and smacking. While these acts could seem like they could increase the pleasure, they can actually be very dangerous and often leave lasting or permanent physical and mental damage.

Not only that, but these activities are not consensual and could even be considered illegal.

It’s also important to note that the body can sometimes react in unexpected ways during sèx, so care should be taken to ensure that any activities are done safely and consensually. Symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, or loss of breathing can happen quickly and without warning, so any activities which put pressure on the body should be done carefully and with frequent monitoring.

A very important thing to remember when engaging in a sèxual act is that all sèxual activities should be consensual, meaning that both partners are willing and able to participate. The same rule applies for activities such as role-playing, as one partner should never be pressured into any activity that makes them uncomfortable. Any partner who does not consent to a particular activity should not be forced to engage in it, as this could constitute a form of séxual assault.

While having sèx, couples should also be aware of safe sèx practices to prevent the spread of hazardous sexually transmitted infections. The most effective way to protect oneself and one’s partner is to engage in sèxual activity with a barrier such as a condom, though other options exist, such as dental dams.

This is important not only to protect one’s health, but also to protect that of their partner.

The practice of sèxual activity while under the influence of drugs or alcohol should also be avoided, as this can increase one’s risk of contracting a sèxually transmitted infection or engaging in an activity that is harmful or illegal. Drugs and alcohol can also interfere with the ability to make sound and consensual decisions, so these substances should never be relied upon to increase pleasure.

Another activity to avoid during sèxual activity is to watch pornography. While pornography can be stimulating for some partners, it can also lead to unrealistic expectations and can desensitize a partner to activities which make them uncomfortable. It also can create competition among partners and lead to a less meaningful connection.

Finally, physical and verbal degradation while having sèx should also never be done. This form of activity is not consensual and can cause one’s partner psychological or emotional damage. It’s important to treat one’s sèxual partner with respect and ensure that all behavior is consensual, safe, and consensual.

In conclusion, there are certain activities that should never be done during sèx, in order to keep partners safe and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the physical and emotional activities that are taking place. These activities include activities such as biting, scratching, smacking, activities done without consent, unsafe sèx practices, engaging in sèxual activities while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, watching pornography, and engaging in physical and verbal degradation. While engaging in sèxual activities can bring pleasure, it can also create risks that are not worth taking, so care should be taken to ensure that all activities are safe, consensual, and consensual.

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