Nurse who moved to UK d!es after fallen asleep behind the wheel while driving home

Nurse who moved to UK d!es after fallen asleep behind the wheel while driving home

Burkina Faso: 33 Soldiers k!lled in new bloody attack

An African woman who recently moved to the United Kingdom to work as a nurse has reportedly died after a sleep driving accident.

She was said to have fallen asleep behind the wheel while driving home from a night shift at a hospital in Beckton and crashed.

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According to a UK-based Nigerian @LordEmee1, the yet-to-be identified nurse is a single mother of two children – 18 and 15 years.

He said the women relocated to UK in January 2023 and the incident happened on Tuesday.

The post reads; “An African nurse here in the UK has died after she slept off while driving home from a night shift

A single mum of 18 n 15 yrs She came in January this year. May her soul rest in peace

Her hospital is in Beckton – unfortunately, this is the only info I can disclose about her. The incident equally happened on Tuesday.”

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier that a male Nigerian student nurse has landed in trouble abroad for getting into a relationship with a female patient at a mental health hospital.

This is according to one Temitope Olowu who revealed that the affected nursing student was doing placement at the psychiatric hospital when he decided to have intimate affair with the lady.

It was gathered that they were sharing explicit photos with each other and when their act was discovered, the university reportedly revoked his admission and got him arrested on the allegation of taking advantage of the patient with a mental health challenge.

Temitope wrote; A Nigerian student nurse on placement in a mental health hospital decided to have a relationship with a patient…

Exchanging explicit photos with her. University has terminated his course. Police is involved. Safeguarding enquiry is underway.

Na jazz and ment. She said she’s in love with him. She’s a vulnerable adult. He took advantage of her. It’s a crime.

Funny thing is he had been repeatedly warned about going into a patient’s room alone. Told it’s unacceptable but still carried on. I keep saying the average Nigerian is badly behaved. Unwilling to unlearn and relearn.

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