PHOTOS: Angry residents str!p 5 suspected tricycle thieves, burn them alive

PHOTOS: Angry residents str!p 5 suspected tricycle thieves, burn them alive

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Angry residents have burned to death five(5) suspected tricycle thieves.

The incident is reported to have occurred on Saturday at old Nkpor road, close to the headquarters of People’s Club, in the commercial city of Onitsha.

An eyewitness said that suspects allegedly tried to steal a tricycle from the owner in broad daylight when they ran out of luck and were caught.

“Mob who gathered after the men were rounded up, refused the advice of some people to call in the police. They first started by striping the men naked and beating them up, and eventually, some people brought old tyres and fuel, and they were set ablaze.

PHOTOS: Angry residents burn 5 suspected thieves alive

It was a very bad sight today, and everyone watched and supervised, while the men burnt to death,” he said.

Graphic videos from the scene were posted on social media. It was horrible incident.

PHOTOS: Angry residents burn 5 suspected thieves alive

In one of the videos, a suspect could be heard screaming ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” while crying for help but the attackers refused to set him free.

See some reactions alongside photos below

Anonymous commented: “Why take law into your hands? Say no to jungle justice. You can’t create, yet you kill without conscience.”

Welldone commented: “This is so sad. The biggest hater of the common man is the common man.

The person narrating how the men tried to steal the tricycle, if you dig deeper, you will realize he was also told what happened, same as the person that gisted him.

“I hear say” the. Who actually saw what happened? I have seen cases where debtors raise alarm of false kidnapping or some other situation as described above, so their creditors can be attacked and possibly killed so they go Scott free. It’s a shame.”

Bismark Botole wrote: “Igbos can be wicked really, see how that one is using stone on another human, the other one used stick on a person’s head.

Obidients are wicked, you will be shocked the killers are thieves, rapists and the likes, imagine these fools too going to church, saying JESUS, calling themselves Christians, these ones too will call themselves good people.

Foolish Igbo people, of cos they are good and well behaved Igbos, and they are many of them, but of cos, they are also badly behaved Igbos.”

Vjay commented: “This is extremely evil. Burning people alive? Mehnnn..olorun oo. For tricycle?”

Enugu son wrote: “This is total madness.. Why on earth did they set them ablaze. They all should be arrested and jailed”

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