AY3KA: “SPONSORING” wasted as young lady rejects man who sponsored her education | VIDEO

AY3KA: “SPONSORING” wasted as young lady rejects man who sponsored her education | VIDEO

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According to this young lady, the guy paid her fees and provided everything that she needed in school but… says she won’t marry him.

She conveyed the message to the guy, Darlington, in a video that has since taken over social media trends and received mixed reactions in the process.

According to Mary, the fact that Darlington trained her through school is not a good enough reason for her to be with him forever.

She noted that she was grateful for his gesture towards her but it won’t influence her decision in his favour.

The young woman blamed Darlington’s family for making their relationship difficult hence why she made the tough decision to not settle down with him.

According to Mary, the boyfriend once introduced her as his fiancee to his mother but she plainly told him in her presence that he cannot marry her.

She said the man’s mother barred him from marrying her because they were not comfortable with the idea that she does not have parents.

Watch the video below to know more…


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