Tuba Kuwait: Fix our deplorable road network – community chairman to MP, MCE

Tuba Kuwait: Fix our deplorable road network – community chairman to MP, MCE

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The community chairman of Tuba-Kuwait central community association in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region Mr Frank Mensah has expressed worry over the deplorable state of their road network and drainage system in their community.

According to the chairman, the total number of streets in the community is almost about 35 inner roads and the number of plots on the boundary street has added up to 846 but none of them have proper drainage system, and this has been the major cause of flooding anytime it rains on the community.

Due to the NEGLIGENCE towards the community, the association has to come together and decide to do personal contributions one way or the other just to have a proper drainage system in the Tuba-Kuwait community.

He noted Tuba-Kuwait has become one of the fastest developing community with over 4,000 residents in the area but the roads are in it deplorable state which needs immediate attention from the member of parliament Hon Sylvester Tetteh and MCE Hon Joseph Nyarni to fix it.

In an interview with Atinka news reporter SAMUEL NYAMEKYE JNR, a member of council of elders in the community has also expressed his concern by stating that, both private and commercial Drivers visit the mechanics shops for maintenance which is seriously affecting businesses in the area.

He then called upon the local government to come to their aid at least to fix their drainage system for them since that is the main cause of flooding in the community anytime it rains.

The Assembly member of Tuba electoral area honourable Dawud has also used the opportunity to Express his worries about the number of properties they loose anytime it rains due to the fact that the community has no proper drainage system which he is aware of it, he also stated that several attempts has been made for the central government to come their aid but the government has turn death ear to their plea.


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