Super glue shortage hits Techiman as youth inhale, mix it with energy drinks | Check the process

Super glue shortage hits Techiman as youth inhale, mix it with energy drinks | Check the process

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The Bono East Regional capital’s Techiman Municipality is said to be running low on super glue.

According to shop owners, the shortage is caused by a new craze in the area by suspected drug addicts who inhale the glue as a narcotic.

According to the revelation, the suspected drug addicts light the glue on fire, cover it with a cloth, and inhale the vapour.

Some provision shop owners told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that super glue is currently in short supply in the area.

Others claim that drug addicts mix glue with energy drinks in order to feel high.

”The young people in the area buy a lot of energy drinks and glue. There is a shortage as I speak with you, and when I probed further, they admitted that they mix the drink with the glue. I was stunned and wondered why they would do such a thing,” a trader said.

”We’ve heard some of the boys mix the glue with energy drinks,” said another trader. Others also inhale it. I have a container here, and the boys come here to buy superglue in bulk. I inquire as to why they do this. Some of them claim they buy them to repair their slippers. But I had no idea they were inhaling the glue.”

”What they are doing is terrible and unhealthy. I am pleading with them to stop. I went to other towns to get super glue to restoke, but I couldn’t find any. ”The problem is real, and something must be done about it,” said another woman.

Some of the addicts who spoke to Nyankonton Mu Nsem confirmed that they inhale the glue, and that is far better than other drugs they had used.

”Yes, what you heard is true,” said an addict [name withheld]. That is exactly what I do. I set fire to the glue, covered it with a cloth, and inhaled the vapour. For me, the sensation is superior to that of other drugs. I know it’s risky, but the feeling I get from what I do is incredible. There are others who do it as well.”

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