Fasting and Worship won’t save muslims but CHRIST – Kofi Manu says

Fasting and Worship won’t save muslims but CHRIST – Kofi Manu says

Dead bodies scatter the streets of Sudan’s capital

A Christian Apologist and the Leader of Islamic Pentecostal Movement, Apostle Kofi Manu, says muslims will not be saved by fasting and Worship but Faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

It is a great disservice for the renowned Ministers of God to fail to tell the muslims that salvation is through Christ and nothing else according to John 14:6 and Acts 4:12.

Muslims has been denied of the Deity of Jesus Christ and it is the duty of the Church to let them know, though they have been given a clue in Surah 3:39 and 3:45 to help them discover who Jesus really is.

Muslims deny the crucifixion of Jesus Christ despite the opened statement in Surah 19:33. However, the scholars claim that Jesus was taken up to heaven and another person was rather Crucified, which muslims are still struggling to discover who that person is.

Interestingly, in order for same scholars to justify Surah 4:157, of the Yusif Ali’s translation, claim that Jesus will come again, marry and die a natural death. The question is, Prophet Mohamed (SAW) cannot say something unless it is revealed to him from Allah and all the revelation from Allah is what we called the Quran, so we are asking the scholars that where in the Quran says, Jesus will come, marry and die a natural death??? If this cannot be found in the Quran, why then muslims uphold it and why should they even build their ETERNITY on falsehood and distort the words of Allah with their mouth.

It is clear without any controversy that Jesus shall not come and die, but Jesus shall come as King and a Judge to Judge the world as a just ruler.

Meanwhile, the Quran tells all Muslims that Allah will make those who believe in the death (mutawafeeka) of Jesus and FOLLOW Him, superior, untill the day of Resurrection which is confirmed in Quran 4:159, that none of the people of the scripture will believe in Jesus before that person’s death and Jesus shall be a witness against the rest of the people who disbelieve in Him.

I am therefore, calling on all muslims to come to Christ for there’s no salvation in the fasting and the prostration but Christ.



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