15 things every Girl should always carry in her purse

15 things every Girl should always carry in her purse

Girls, you know that your purse is almost like a best friend. You also know that there are some things you should always carry in your purse.

You go nowhere without that purse, and when you don’t have it on you, you feel like a part of you is missing. These things are more than just an accessory, they’re basically a lifeline.


And what’s in that purse is pretty much essential for every day living. Here are 15 things you should always carry in your purse!


1. A compact mirror.

Always bring a mirror on the go! You never know when you might need it to to reapply your lipstick or to get that piece of food out from between your two front teeth!

2. A pocket-size hand sanitizer.

Our hands come in contact with so many things each day. Whether your handling cash or opening a door, there’s germs everywhere! And most of us forget this too easily and then touch our face with our dirty hands!

15 Things every girl should carry in her purse – Hand Sanitizer

3. Pocket-size tissues.

Sneezing is the worst, especially because most of the time sneezes are like surprise attacks. You never know when the next one is coming, so always have tissues on hand to clean up the aftermath of that surprise sneeze.

4. Your ID.

You definitely don’t want to get caught on the road without your ID (especially if you ever happen to get pulled over.) And let’s not even talk about how annoying it is to Uber all the way to the bar, only to realize you left your ID at home (I’ve done this too many times, and it’s the worst feeling!) Always make sure to check your purse for this before you go anywhere!

5. A portable phone charger.

Portable phone chargers can feel like literal life savers in times of need. There’s nothing worse than having your phone die with no way of charging it until you get back home at the end of the night!

15 Things every girl should carry in her purse – Portable charger

6. A small snack.

A girl’s gotta eat. Trust me, come mid-afternoon, you will be happy you threw that snack in your purse on the way out the door!

Wind and hair is a horrible combination. And all too often, we find ourselves taking one step out the door and having our luscious locks blown all over our faces. Make sure you have a brush on hand to get everything back in order.

8. Some extra lip balm.

No one likes chapped lips. You also might not know when or who your next kiss will come from, so always be prepared!!

15 Things every girl should carry in her purse – Lip balm

9. Aspirin is a must.

If you’ve ever dealt with a headache, or a migraine…or cramps…or back pain or any other pains that us ladies have to deal with from time to time, you will be wishing you had aspirin to help you out!

10. Baby wipes.

Baby wipes are super gentle on skin and great for removing makeup or just giving our faces a cool refresher!

11. Hand lotion.

You’ll be needing this, especially in the colder months when our hands are subjected to the single digit weather.

15 Things every girl should carry in her purse – Hand lotion

12. Gum or mints.


Fresh breath is a must, and coffee breath doesn’t smell good on anyone. So always be prepared with gum or mints on hand.

13. A mini make-up bag.

Have a mini make-up bag in your purse to keep all your necessities in one place! It’s too easy to lose that lip gloss in your sea of items swimming around that big, bottomless purse of yours.

14. Blotting wipes.

Blotting wipes are amazing. Always be ready for your next plan of action with a clean, fresh face, especially when you don’t have time to wash your face and reapply your makeup. Goodbye, oily face!

15. Hair tie and bobby pins.

We all know the struggle that comes along with not having a hair tie when you desperately need one. Always keep a few extra in your purse. You’ll be super glad you did next time you’re looking for one!

15 Things every girl should carry in her purse – Ponytail

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