Homosexuality: Ghana not doing enough to tackle the menace – Local council of Churches chairman

Homosexuality: Ghana not doing enough to tackle the menace – Local council of Churches chairman

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The Nkenkaasu Local Council Of Churches Chairman in the Ashanti region, Rev. Noah Cudjeo has said Ghana’s effort in criminalizing homosexuality is unsatisfactory.

According to Rev. Noah Cudjeo, until the anti-LGBT Bill currently before parliament is passed, Ghana have achieved nothing to the fight against same sex marriage.

Adding that, Ghana not doing enough to tackle Homosexuality, thus, he has called on Parliament to speed up the passage of the anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Bill into law.

He compared the activism of LGBTQ+ in the Bible to Sodom and Gomorrah, where God destroyed the two towns thought to be doing homosexual acts because homosexuality is a sin.

Quoting extensively from the Bible, the council chairman said God established marriage as an institution to be the conduit for child bearing and training.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, 17, the Nkenkaasu local council of churches chairman argued that in accordance with Ghanaian cultural norms and values, men are supposed to be partners with women and not people of same gender acting as partners of each other.

He further explained that even animals prefer the opposite gender when having sexual relations and he doesn’t understand why a fellow human being would choose to identify as gay or lesbian.

He quoted Proverbs 30:19 “the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a maiden” to back his argument.

Inasmuch, Rev. Cudjeo has expressed worry over President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s failure to declare his true stance on the controversial Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) issue.

He emphasized that previous presidents of the country were bold enough to tell the West that Ghanaian culture and norms conflict with the LGBTQ+ group’s activities, which is why the country abhors such practices, meanwhile Akufo-Addo is reluctant to express his position on the subject matter.

The Man of God also described US Vice President, Kamala Harris’s call on Ghana to treat same sex relationships as a matter of human right as unacceptable.

This he said, Ghana is a sovereign country and would not be dictated to by any external powers.

The chairman has also rejected the threat by the West to cut aid if Ghana refuses to legalize homosexuality.

According to him, the UK could not impose its values on Ghana and he would never legalize homosexuality.

Contact Rev. Noah Cudjeo for details. 0547080880.


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By: Kaakyire Kwasi Afari

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