Applications for 2023/2024 GES assurance letters

Applications for 2023/2024 GES assurance letters

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About GES Assurance letters

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has announced that the application for Teachers’ Assurance Letters to Districts for the 2023/2024 academic year transfers has opened. This is good news for all prospective teachers who wish to seek assurance into various districts in Ghana. Below are some important details that prospective teachers need to know:

Documents Needed

To be considered for transfer, applicants must submit the following documents:

Application Letters

Photocopies of all Certificates

Confidential Reports from their Metro/Municipal/District Director

Personal record form endorsed by Head of Human Resource Unit with a Passport picture affixed


Clearance from Bank

Assurance Letters

An assurance letter to the Ghana Education Service is a letter issued by a district to an applicant assuring him or her of the availability of vacancies for employment or reposting. This letter is given to the applicant to be given to his or her current district from which he or she is leaving, alerting them of the possible vacancy the teacher was going to fill in the new district, which should be a reason for the teacher to be issued with transfer letters from his or her current district.

How to Get an Assurance Letter

A teacher who wishes to be transferred to a particular district must apply to the district to be issued an assurance letter that will enable him or her to apply for transfers from his or her district. The letter is written to the district if and only if there is an announcement for such purposes. The announcement from the district directorates assures the applicant of the possibility of getting the assurance letter to enable him or her to apply for transfers from his or her district.

Importance of the Assurance Letter

The assurance letter is important for the following reasons:

Gives the assurance to the exiting district that the applicant should be allowed to go on transfers.

Gives an assurance to the teacher to apply for transfers with the hope that he or she shall be posted to a vacant school where he or she applied for transfer.

Gives the GES the opportunity to know the number of teachers going on transfers within a particular academic year.

Gives the GES the opportunity to know the available vacancies and to determine the number of staff needed to fill such vacancies.

Opens room for the smooth transfer of staff of the GES.

In conclusion, this is a great opportunity for teachers who wish to seek assurance into various districts in Ghana. Prospective teachers are advised to submit all the required documents and apply for an Assurance Letter from the district they wish to be transferred to.

This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer process for all parties involved. The GES is committed to ensuring that the process is transparent and fair to all applicants.

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