2 MPs fall in love, set to marry

2 MPs fall in love, set to marry

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Two elected MPs are to marry in what is believed to be a first for Kenya’s Parliament.

Eric wa Mumbi, MP for Mathira, and Betty Maina, the Murang’a Woman Representative, are currently living together informally but have decided to formalize their relationship.

Cupid’s arrow is said to have struck the couple during the grueling campaigns for the General Election in August 2022.

The wedding will take place soon, and the two politicians are preparing for a “bride price” negotiation.

The Deputy President is set to lead the men’s delegation while another MP will play host on behalf of Ms Maina’s delegation.

Mr. Wa Mumbi met Ms. Maina in 2021 and was smitten, saying: “I discovered that she had everything I wanted in a wife.”

Ms. Maina also had two children from a previous marriage, which ended in divorce. Despite this, she remains friends with her ex-husband, saying she would always be there to defend and support him.

Mr. Wa Mumbi has had a tougher time. He married in 2015 and they were blessed with two sons.

However, tragedy struck when her body was recovered from a dam.Her death was mysterious and complex, and Mr. Wa Mumbi was questioned during the investigation, which eventually fizzled out.

The couple’s relationship is all the more impressive given the setbacks they have both experienced in previous relationships.

However, a former MP said that both politicians have “raw courage as they pursue their goals with ruthless tenacity.” He added that their common drive and focus make them a “classic case of focus and inspiration.”

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