Spread Salt around your house for these reasons

Spread Salt around your house for these reasons

Do you know that a generic vanilla-scented candle that a coworker gave you at last year’s Christmas party isn’t going to fix the negative energy in your home? It’s possible that you already have the means to rid your home of any residual bad karma—a pinch of salt.

Some find the salty sea air relaxing, while others believe it can help dispel negative energy. Putting salt in the corners is a cheap and effective method to give a room a spiritual spring cleaning since, let’s face it, every room needs one occasionally. Hold on, because we are about to give you some New Age guidance.

Many different civilizations around the world use salt for its purifying and blessing properties to rid an area of evil spirits. Sumo wrestlers have been known to throw salt into the ring before a match in order to ward off evil spirits, and salt has also been used in exorcisms by Catholic priests (via Catholic Sacramentals). Even if your home is clear of evil spirits, it may take more than Windex to get it sparkling clean, so here’s hoping you won’t have to resort to demon cleaning salt. The Chicago Tribune reports that the idea that “what happens in a room stays in a room” is shared by people everywhere. The Indian philosophy of vaastu, which predates feng shui by more than 6,000 years, recommends using salt to dispel bad energy.

What, then, is the best method for cleaning with salt? While a salt lamp may be more convenient, a bowl of salt will also do the trick, as stated by Astrea of the website Starlight Witch. She cautions against using an untreated wood or other porous bowl, since the salt may cause it to rot over time. Because industrially produced salt doesn’t seem natural to her, she prefers to utilise whatever salt is available. The addition of herbs like juniper or rosemary to the salt is optional but appreciated by some.

1. Sprinkle salt under doormats, in window wells, and around doorways and windows. Spread it about, and then wait an hour before vacuuming it up. Leaving the salt out for a few days allows it to function like a magnet, drawing in any unwanted bad energy. Don’t feed your dogs any of this salt, and once it’s done soaking up the toxins in the air, throw it away because it’s not safe for human consumption. You shouldn’t keep the salt inside your house for too long, too. Eventually, you’ll want to get rid of it and the bad vibes it’s been collecting.

2. So maybe you don’t think holistic medicine is the way to go. Remember that salt isn’t just useful for keeping bad vibes at bay; it can also keep away creepy crawlies before you put it back in the cabinet. Western Exterminator Company recommends salt as an effective natural method for preventing spider infestations. They recommend making a salt water solution and spraying it in the suspected areas of spider nests.

There are several methods for purifying a home or business, such as lighting sage or having a priest sprinkle holy water on the area, but none are as accessible as salt. Would you be game to give it a shot?

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