My Daughter used Evil Powers to seduce me – Man who raped, impregnated 18-year-old daughter

My Daughter used Evil Powers to seduce me – Man who raped, impregnated 18-year-old daughter

• Man who raped, impregnated 18-year-old daughter in Ogun says he was hypnotised by victim.

More revelations are beginning to emerge concerning a case of incest that was reported in Ogun State last week.

It involved a 43-year-old, man who was accused of having sexual relations with his 18-year-old daughter, allegedly getting her pregnant.

To many, the narration would sound to the ear and seem to the eye like a scene from a horror movie. But from what investigations by the police have shown, it is real, even if it sounds strange.

The suspect, Abiodun Oladapo, who lives at 7, Olakunle Close, in Igbogbi, Mowe Ereko, Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State has been arrested for putting his biological daughter in the family way. He is now singing like a bird in police custody.

Saturday Sun had a face-to-face encounter with the suspect. Even though it is difficult to say what could have motivated him into committing such an abominable act, he told the newspaper that the devil was responsible for his abominable deed.

The suspect, having realised the import of his action, informed that he was not directly responsible for the evil deed.

It was gathered that after discovering that his daughter was pregnant following his sex romps with her, he wanted the teenager to transfer the ownership of the pregnancy to one Michael Idowu, described as the daughter’s boyfriend.

He had, however, admitted that he had been having sex with the young lady, who will soon turn 19. But he claimed his dalliance with his daughter was not a long one. In his words, he had sex with the teenager on only four occasions, even though the daughter claimed he had been sleeping with her for long.

While giving reasons for his action, Oladapo insisted that the daughter should be blamed for his action, stating that the mistake, on his part, wasn’t intentional.

At an encounter with the reporter, the suspect informed that his daughter was the one that initiated the sexual act through several acts of seduction.

According to him, the daughter first jumped on him and seduced him into having sex with her.

He added that this act began sometime in June 2022.

Narrating, “My daughter was the one who started the act initially, I swear before God and man. She was the one who climbed me. She seduced me. In fact, on that first day, I just returned from work and laid down on my bed. We don’t sleep on the same bed. I sleep in my bed and she sleeps on the floor. We sleep in a one-bedroom self-contained mini-flat apartment.”

Anyway, he has promised to take responsibility for the unborn baby and the mother while seeking forgiveness for his action.

Abiodun was arrested on March 24, 2023 by men of Ogun State Police Command.

The arrest was a follow up to a formal complaint by one Mrs. Oluwatoyin Idowu, who reported that her son Michael Idowu was wrongly accused of impregnating the victim, and that she has properly interrogated her son and discovered that the victim was telling lies.

Investigation, however, shows that though the victim admitted to the police that Michael Idowu slept with her sometimes in December 2022, it was her father Abiodun Oladapo who was actually responsible for her pregnancy.

She narrated this to the Divisional Police Officer, Mowe Division in Ogun State, Folake Afeniforo, a Superintendent of Police.

She also told the Police that her father also threatened to kill her if she told anybody about it.

Furthermore, she said that her father wanted her to put the blame on her boyfriend, Michael Idowu.

It was gathered that the suspect was never married to the victim’s mother, neither did he have any woman presently living with him.

Still blaming the daughter, he claimed that each time his daughter had sex with him, she would come begging him later, saying that she didn’t know what came over her and that she only realised her action after the act.

When asked why it was difficult for him to caution his daughter, he responded: “My daughter is not an ordinary person. She’s got a supernatural power, and she’s using it to have sex with me.”

He spoke further: “As much as I tried to tell people, they do not believe me. I took custody of her in order for me to control her but she’s not an ordinary child.”

He also said he was very much convinced that the daughter was into occultism.

The suspect denied that he threatened to kill his daughter if she exposed their sexual relations to the public. “God sees my heart. I did not threaten her,” Oladapo stated.

He said he was surprised that when they got to the station, his daughter changed her mind and insisted on blaming him for the pregnancy and not Michael.

He added: “In fact, Michael’s mother, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Idowu, said if it was his son that was responsible for the pregnancy, she would accept it.”

The suspect insisted that Michael and his daughter did not deny having sexual intercourse, stating that it was when they got to the police station that his daughter recanted.

When asked if he knew that having sex with one’s daughter was a violation of statutory and traditional laws, he replied: “I know.”

He, however, told Saturday Sun that he did not report the development to anyone because if he did, it would be his words against his daughter’s. He noted that even now, it was obvious that his narrative was what people are holding against him.

According to the Ogun State Police Command, the suspect would soon have his day in court after the conclusion of the investigation.

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