How PHONE affects your health… Know it and avoid these

How PHONE affects your health… Know it and avoid these

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You can’ t imagine not having a cell phone, and thankfully, you rarely have to. Digital addiction, however, may not always be the best behavior. The frightening negative effects listed below should be avoided because they’ ll make you feel much better the next time your phone battery runs out.

1. It strains your eyes.

You run the risk of dry eyes from less blinking, headaches, blurred vision, and general eyestrain whenever you stare at your phone for more than a few hours on end (or alternate between your phone and computer screens). This is especially true if you already have any untreated vision issues. According to the American Optometric Association, reading from a digital screen is more difficult for your eyes to focus on than reading from a printed page because the letters are less distinct, there is less contrast between the backlit letters and background, and you are also subject to glare and reflections. An anti- glare screen and frequent blinking can also be helpful, as can looking into the distance every 20 minutes.

2. It could dull your memory.

TThere’ sno need needs to memorize the information you can look up quickly, like phone numbers, when you have a smartphone at your disposal. Also, according to Kissen, your memory may become a little rusty if you cease learning facts and statistics. (Fortunately, you need not be concerned about irreparable brain damage; memory games can help. )

3. It can cause neck and upper back pain.

According to an orthopedic surgeon and chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine in Manhattan, Kenneth Hansraj, M. D. , a few hours spent hunched over a smartphone can cause discomfort, starting with pain in the back of the neck and shoulders.

4. It can trigger nomophobia

or the anxiety associated with losing your phone. You know that sense of safety and security you get when holding a phone that is fully charged? The reverse is neophobia: According to Kissen, it might make you believe— often erroneously— that you’ re not safe if you don’ t have a phone in your hand.

5. It rots your brain by cheapening your conversation.

While 11 percent of participants in a recent Pew Research Center research admitted to using their phones at a recent social event, 89 percent of cellphone users claimed their use interferes with the quality of their conversations. Therefore, you don’ t need statistics to understand the importance of excellent communication for mental health.

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