6 signs women show when they have lost interest in their men

6 signs women show when they have lost interest in their men

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These are common actions that women show when they have lost interest on a man that they are in relationship with.

It is not always a point where you must move on when you notice these signs, mostly you need to readjust so you can win back her interest. Remember the rule, ‘always strive to make her imagine her life as hell without you.’

1. When she does not brag or posses you

When she is in love with you and the things you do for her, you stay on her tongue.

Whenever she opens her mouth she speaks about this godly unimaginable man she is in love with. ‘My husband, My boyfriend etc.’ becomes the words she opens her sentences with whenever she speaks to her friends, sisters or anyone close.

Try to ensure that you give her something to talk about always. It does not need to always be a big thing, women are pleased by small things when they love. Making a cup of coffee or tea, cooking her favourite meal are the best. Try to be diverse though, consistency may end up boring.

Sometimes you have been together for a long and you have kids. Women are likely to shift such attention from their husbands to their sons. It is not the time to be threatened, you know her better. Include your son in some plans to make her happy it will impress to see you guide your son to be a better man.

2. She shows affection only when she is about to ask for something

This is what we can call ‘slay-queen tendencies’ (tendency of women who dates for money and other luxury). She is not interested in you, but she does want your money. She will cook, clean, massage you and gives you from all angles just when you are satisfied she will ask for something in return.

Some even make it clear prior the action that I will do this and that and that is what I want in return. Once you notice this occurring multiple times, just know that you are a provider and do not invest your heart into her.

3. She does not talk about the future

Women are planners in nature and most of the beautiful and solid homes you see, they may have began planning them as early as they were thirteen years old. In our days women are more liberated than olden days, therefore they have more to plan.

A woman who is into will always share her future plans of you together and guide you to be a man that she is pleased with. A good woman does not dictate you, but always makes sensible suggestions for you to work on.

4. Never talk about guys who are hitting on her

If she loves not fear you, she tellseverything including that guy who asked for her number, asked to take her out on a dinner. Often guys say she is making you some fool, because she will not tell when she likes the guy. Truth is be there to listen to this and never be angry at her for being asked by other guys out.

The fact that she tells you, tells she loves you and be a good friend she will never find the reason to keep secrets from you. Actually she will never engage herself in any secretive deals.

5. She wants her space

We all believe we want our space, do not want to do everything with our partners. This is the reality we live in until we find that one person we really love. You end up wanting to everything together and dependant on each other.

When woman falls in love she stops prioritizing friends. You become the most close friends to her and she can go months without going out with her female friends. But if you do not have the same amount of time for her, she will also do the same.

6. She does not integrate you to her social life

Some smart women do not want you nearby their friends, but they will ensure that you do greet them and know them. She introduces you to her close members of her family and friendship circles.

You will definitely find out everything she likes doing and places she likes going to, she is not ashame of being with you in public. You know what is happening on her social media and you always know where to find her if not at home.

These signs act as a guide. Make sure you observe your person for sometime before you conclude. In order to solve things remember this, ‘when your partner lose interest on you consider yourself as the reason and try to do things better’.

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